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The Tome of Beasts III will bring 400 new monsters to 5th edition, from ghost knight templars to riptide drakes as well as foul new fiends, challenging aberrations, and so much more.

In addition to the Tome of Beasts III hardcover and PDFs, this campaign will fund the creation of four VTT editions for digital play, an exclusive engraved 7-dice set, and a ready-to-play Tome of Beasts III Lairs hardcover of short adventures—so you can get these beasts on the table to play, fast!

The monsters from the Tome of Beasts 3 cover the gamut from trash mobs to major villains, and each has been carefully designed, tested, edited and illustrated to make an immediate, terrifying impact on your next 5E tabletop game!  

You can download a sample PDF of unedited TOB3 monsters (PDF) to see some of the original creatures in this project. We will also reveal details of the monsters by our guest designers during the Kickstarter in project Updates!

VTT Licenses 

If you want to combine a virtual tabletop license with a print or PDF item, we support Roll20, Foundry, Fantasy Grounds, and Shard Tabletop. These licenses all include both the Tome of Beasts 3 monsters and the TOB3 Lairs set of 18+ short adventures. Add the platform you prefer!

TOB3 Engraved 7-Dice Set

Nothing says Boss Monster like unique dice! Check out these beauties featuring engraved acrylic and the bone lord design on the high side of each die!

Dice are limited to USA and Canada orders only.

Hardcover Books, Pawns, and PDFs

Extra copies of the main books, in both hardcover and PDF format, as well as the Pawn set, are also available!

Click on the following links to find answers to Kobold questions, to learn about new releases, or to track our monstrous plans online.

Our contributors include talented designers, artists, editors, sculptors, coders, graphic designers, and more. Here's some of the biggest contributors, but this list is not exhaustive!

Things lead off with cover artists Chris Rallis (TOB3) and Mark Zug (Lairs), plus Addison Rankin for the limited edition foil covers. 

Our minis sculptors are the amazing David Whitaker and Origins Award winner Matt Gubser (AKA @prophetminis), working with our partners at Effincool

We're proud to feature guest designers Luke Gygax, B Dave Walters, Gail Simone, The Dungeon Dudes, Danny Quach, Jeff Grubb, Web DM, Ted Sikora, and Mike "Sly Flourish" Shea. Our primary monster design team includes Basheer Ghouse, Brian Suskind, Celeste Conowitch, Christopher Lockey, Richard Green, Jeff Lee, Ben McFarland, Kelly Pawlik, Sebastian Rombach, and Mike Welham. 

They are assisted by TOB newcomers like Benjamin Eastman, Eytan Bernstein, Sarah Madsen, Jonathan Miley, Robert Fairbanks, and Scott Gable.

Our able editor is Meagan Maricle, and Marc Radle is the art director with graphics and layout assists and dice design by Amber Seger

The publisher and kobold instigator is Wolfgang Baur. There's dozens of other artists, designers, playtesters, coders, and a whole logistics and shipping team involved as well, all keeping this project moving! 

Kobolds are always strongest when they are numerous; this project will be brought to you with Pack Tactics!

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  • 5 x Tome of Beasts 3 Hardcover
  • 2 x Limited Edition TOB3 Hardcover
  • 2 x TOB3 Lairs Hardcover

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