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The Plane of Shadow exists beside the mortal world, one step beyond the veil—and  your heroes can enter this otherworldly realm of fey shadows, undead horrors, and wild adventure!

The Book of Ebon Tides provides a complete guide to the people, places, heroes, magic, and monsters of the Plane of Shadow, a land where fey magic, illusion, and trickery are as potent as steel.

From shadow goblins to ghouls, from elves to bearfolk, this is a world of mystery and enchantment. On the muddy black riverbanks and along alleys paved with bone, new heroes wander in the light of the moon, summon lunar devils, and battle in crumbling castles. 

Come explore a shadow world next door to every other, just one step down the shadow road...

The previews so far have discussed the monsters of the plane, the shadow gods pantheon, and PC subclasses, with more previews to come! 

The designers are discussing the project's goals, rules, and lore on the Kobold Chat Twitch show on Wednesdays at noon Pacific; these are archived on YouTube.

To broaden the reach of shadows, you can get a selection of add-ons.

Additional Copies of Project Books: Of course the selection of add-ons includes additional copies of the Book of Ebon Tides and Tales from the Shadows hardcovers, VTT licenses, and PDFs.

Ebon Tides 7-Dice Set: A set of high-quality resin dice featuring the Shadow Realm icons and design.

Shadow Realm SoundPack by Syrinscape: The sound of enchantment, the fury of the undead, the laughter of elvish lords, the clash of rapiers and the slow chants of moon catcher goblins. Bring your game to another level in person or online, with a soundtrack made for the shadows. Check out this sample of the Ebon Tides Sound Pack work in progress (MP3) by Syrinscape, one of the leading creators of tabletop RPG audio!

What is Syrinscape? It's immersive sound for tabletop RPGs (YouTube). They produce both smaller SoundSets and full-blown SoundPacks. 

Related Works: For US backers, we offer two print expansions of fey adventure: the Courts of the Shadow Fey adventure in hardcover and PDF for 7th to 10th level PCs and the Tales of the Old Margreve forest sourcebook and adventure hardcover for levels 1 to 10, to expand your campaign.

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As with any Kobold Press project, the team involved is experienced and working to the highest standards of tabletop RPG design.

Designer Wolfgang Baur: The original designer of the Courts of the Shadow Fey {LINK} and other adventures, Baur is the designer of the setting itself, its pantheon, its magic and magical items, and much of its lore and history. He also expanded heavily on the shadow goblins and the bearfolk culture and NPCs for this volume. Find him on Twitter @monkeyking or online at the Warlock Patreon.

Designer Celeste Conowitch: Well known for streaming with the Venture Maidens and for design work on Tome of Beasts 2 and the Warlock Patreon, Conowitch is the primary designer for the 5th Edition races, classes, and monsters in this volume. Conowitch brings a keen sense of dark fey enchantment and ruthless hero-crushing abilities to the table.

Designer Kelly Pawlik: As the designer of Corremel, the City of Lanterns, Kelly Pawlik has created a home for umbral humans and shadow fey alike, an urbane, elegant place where the weak must fend for themselves, and the strong may come in surprising forms.

Designers Richard Pett, Jeff Lee, Kelly Pawlik, and Mike Welham : All these award-winning 5th Edition designers are contributing at least 1 adventure each to the Tales from the Shadows collection.

Cover Artist Marcel Mercado: As the cover artist for the Southlands Worldbook, Deep Magic for 5th Edition, and others, Mercado has an eye for character, action, and detail. His work graces the Book of Ebon Tides regular edition hardcover.

Cover Artist Eric Belisle: Previously seen on the cover of Tales of the Old Margreve, Eric Belisle excels at creatures and story alike.

Artist Bryan Syme: Known for his stunning characters and punk aesthetic, Bryan Syme has contributed to dozens of Kobold Press titles, including the Tome of Beasts 1 and Tome of Beasts 2, Margreve Player's Guide, Tome of Heroes, and many others.

Art Director Marc Radle: As the long-term director of the look and feel of Kobold Press, Radle has brought new art, new design, and a clear, readable format to the warrens for years. His most recent work includes the layout for the Southlands Worldbook and the Scarlet Citadel dungeon adventure for 5th Edition.

Editor Scott Gable: Known for his appreciation of dark and fey themes as found in Along the Faerie Path, Gable is also the editor of the Warlock zine and many Kobold Press publications. He is the editor of the Book of Ebon Tides hardcover.

Editor John Joseph Adams: Award-winning editor of Lightspeed Magazine and many anthologies and novels, Adams brings his 20+ years of fiction editing (and lifelong gaming) experience to TTRPG as the editor of the Tales from the Shadows adventures.

Editorial Director Thomas M. Reid: With so many designers and contributors, someone has to keep things lined up and orderly. Reid is a novelist, an editor, and a man with a keen eye for hiccups, glitches, and deadlines.

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  • 4 x Book of Ebon Tides - Hardcover
  • 3 x Book of Ebon Tides - Limited Edition Hardcover
  • 3 x Tales from the Shadows - Hardcover

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